Bring your family for a wild fun ride at Bangi Wonderland water theme park in Selangor, which located at 12-acre land at Bangi, Kajang.

Spend a fun-filled day relaxing, swimming, and playing at Bangi Wonderland, experience all 14 fantastic rides and slides. Whether you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping on some high-speed waterslides, or simply want a place to chill out with the family, our water theme park is consider one fun centre for all ages.

Bangi Wonderland offers a wide range of fun waterslides such as Anaconda Trail, Spiralax, Body Slide and also other heart-pounding waterslides such as Magic Funnel, The Fall, Green Pearl, Wonder Loop, and Boomeriang.

Try the Malaysia one and only Water Cannon ride, it is exactly as it sounds. A huge gush of water from the cannon will push you up in the air, after which you’ll dive right into the pool with a big splash!
While for children for sure will enjoy at the Kids Adventure which complete with variety of games and slides. It is also featuring a water bucket waiting to drench anyone in its way! Also, don’t miss to slide down from the colourful longest waterslide Insane Racer in our water theme park and it is children-friendly slide.

Those in search for a more mellow day should head to the blissful Meander River and get relaxed in the Pirates Spa pool besides enjoying waves of fun in our Pirates Bay with your family and friends.
Bangi Wonderland offers non-stop year-round entertainment for all ages to enjoy, rain or shine! It’s totally a fantastic water theme park and it’s pretty great, especially for younger children and teenagers. Bangi Wonderland is one of the best one stop weekend escapade that will promise to be a fun-filled adventure for your family and friends.

Come join the fun in Bangi Wonderland this weekend. Syok Giler!